Upcoming events

Watch this space for new Waterlight workshops and other upcoming events over the coming months. And you catch up with our past events here.

Waterlight film: February 22nd, at Storey’s Field Centre, Eddington

Our next screening of Waterlight will include two showings — one short, one long. The event will start at about 10.30 and last to 1.30. For details of the venue, see here.

The Mel is a South Cambridgeshire chalk stream which has inspired a film based on poems by Clare Crossman. Waterlight captures the essence of the river: its history, rich wildlife, conservation activities and memories and reflections of local residents. The film has been praised by local conservation groups and already been enjoyed by over 300 people at local showings in Cambridge and surrounding villages.  After the showing there will be the opportunity to discuss some of the issues facing our threatened watercourses.