Previous events

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Reed Gardening Club

On Wednesday 13th March 2024, Reed Gardening Club hosted a screening of Waterlight at Reed Village Hall in Royston, with Waterlight project team member Bruce Huett

Waterlight Film Screening – Haverhill U3A Nature Group

On Thursday 25th January 2024, Waterlight project team member James Murray-White joined members of the Haverhill U3A Nature Group to share our film.

Waterlight Film Screening & Discussion – Linton W.I.

On Tuesday 5th September 2023, Waterlight project team member Bruce Huett joined members of the Linton WI for a screening of the film and a discussion on the state of the local chalk stream, the Granta.

Owned by Everyone? Chalk Streams in Culture & Crisis

On Thursday 30th March 2023, Waterlight Project team member & filmmaker James Murray-White spoke at a major interdisciplinary conference in Cambridge. The event focused on the culture, science and future of chalk streams, featuring conservationists, environmental and literary historians, NGOs, regulators, water companies, politicians and community groups. 

Royston W.I. screening of Waterlight

On Thursday 9th March 2023 — a very cold and drizzly afternoon, with snow flurries trying to carpet the road outside — about 30 ladies from Royston WI were transported to the world of the Mel through the Waterlight film. 

Linton Parish Church screening of Waterlight

On Saturday 4th February 2023, Bruce Huett and Nigel Kinnings showed the Waterlight film for the first time in a spiritual space: the Norman parish church at Linton, Cambridgeshire.  Bruce Huett linked this, in his introduction, to his ideas about the spirituality of water and the possibility that the Mel springs may have been an ancient ritual site.

Friends of Paradise Nature Reserve, Cambridge – heartened by Waterlight film

On a rather wet and dreary night on Tuesday 22nd November 2022, about 30 members of the Friends of Paradise Nature Reserve gathered at the Newnham Croft Sports and Social Club in Cambridge to watch the Waterlight film. See the response in our blog post Showing of Waterlight Film at Friends of Paradise Nature Reserve, Cambridge.

Royston Ladies Luncheon Club – delighted by Waterlight film

On Monday 10th January 2022, after a substantial fish and chip lunch (sadly not Mel trout!) at the Old Bull Inn, Royston, about 30 members of this ladies group settled back to enjoy the Waterlight film. They watched very intently, without any wavering of attention, and enthusiastically applauded at the end. They obviously enjoyed it. Several members were not aware of the river or the footpath along it and now intended to walk it and experience some of the magic that the film captures.

In his introduction, Bruce Huett stressed the dangers that the river faced from abstraction, climate change and sewage discharges. He encouraged members to respond at each Local Plan consultation stage to ensure this biodiverse landscape was not lost by overdevelopment.

Nigel Kinnings was also present to answer questions and DVD copies of the film were sold.

Bruce was delighted to get information on additional springs that arose in Melbourn in the moat of the old manor site at Lordship Farm and also accounts of regular flooding in the area.

Thriplow screening of Waterlight – portrait of a chalk stream

The Waterlight film was shown again on Thursday 14th October 2021, this time to the Thriplow Village Society. As the village is close to Melbourn the group were very interested in the future of local chalk streams and the local campaign by Cam Valley Forum to restore them in Cambridgeshire.

The film received many compliments and there was an interesting discussion after the film in which they talked about the stream that used to run through the village to link to the Hoffer Brook, but is now dried up.

Meldreth screening of Waterlight – portrait of a chalk stream

The first Meldreth showing of the film was to the local WI in Meldreth Village Hall on Thursday 12th March 2020 at the WI AGM in the evening.

Bruce Huett introduced the film and responded to questions.  

The film was well received and Bruce enjoyed chatting over tea and cakes after the showing and hearing the members describing the fun they had had in and around the river when children.  

They were very appreciative of the work done by the River Mel Restoration Group to improve the river, but also commented that it was now much less deep.

You can view blog posts, films and other content from our previous events with local people: 

Waterlight Film Showing at Cambridge’s Most Sustainable Housing Development

On 22nd February 2020, we showed two screenings of Waterlight at Storey’s Field Centre, Eddington. 

The Mel is a South Cambridgeshire chalk stream which has inspired a film based on poems by Clare Crossman. Waterlight captures the essence of the river: its history, rich wildlife, conservation activities and memories and reflections of local residents. The film has been praised by local conservation groups and already been enjoyed by over 300 people at local showings in Cambridge and surrounding villages.  

Cambridge University Waterlight screening at the David Attenborough Building

On 19th November 2019, Cam Valley Forum and Cambridge Conservation Forum hosted a showing of the Waterlight film in Cambridge — with talks, poetry, river-related folk music and a panel discussion.

Poster for CCF CVF screening of Waterlight

An Evening with the River Mel – the Waterlight Project’s film premiere

On 25th July 2019, we presented the first public screening of the Waterlight film at a crowded Community Hall in Melbourn.

The Waterlight Film Premiere

On 13th June 2019, over fifty people crammed into the upper room at the Plough in Shepreth for a special invitation event, to watch the first showing of the Waterlight film.

Waterlight Concert — Local Folk Songs & Poetry

On 8th March 2019, we were joined at the Hub in Melbourn by folk singers and musicians Penni Mclaren Walker and Bryan Causton, and poets and novelists Kate Swindlehurst and Jackie Watts in a special Waterlight concert to celebrate the river Mel in words and music.

A walk along the river Mel with local schoolchildren

On 23rd May 2018, poet Clare Crossman, local historian and conservationist Bruce Huett and filmmaker James Murray-White accompanied more than 30 Year 6 children from the local primary school, with their teacher, Mrs Willan. Together, we went for a walk along the river and some of the children made these films…

Poetry writing workshop

On 21st September 2018, Clare led a poetry writing workshop at the Hub in Melbourn. Here are some of the poems the participants wrote, inspired by the river Mel. 

Launching our website!

On 10th October 2018, Clare Crossman, Bruce Huett and James Murray-White hosted a public launch of our project website.