Future Care

So we now have a beautiful, healthy river, and with continued care it can remain so. However we still need to be diligent to ensure the spirit of the Mel survives. There is still a lot of litter and dog mess deposited in the river. New housing is increasing water extraction and the local sewage works, which discharges into the Mel, sometimes cannot cope or mistakes are made, contaminating the water in our river. Agricultural and road runoff can contain harmful substances, although now better controlled than in the past.

The following diagrams illustrate how we have moved from worshipping our landscape — the material world (including water) and the animals and plants that share it — to trying to control it and to abusing it.

Prehistoric societies

Humans, and care for the natural and the material world in prehistoric societies. image by Bruce Huett.


Renaissance societies

Humans, and separation of the natural and the material worlds in Renaissance societies. image by Bruce Huett.

Modern societies

Humans, and isolation from the natural and the material worlds in modern societies. image by Bruce Huett.


As Benjamin Franklin said, “When the well is dry we know the meaning of water.”

Waterlight: our care for the Mel

We need the younger generation to be aware of their ongoing responsibility for their countryside. Our day with Meldreth primary school for this project was a contribution to this goal.

We hope you will find the time to explore the wonders of the Mel. There is much to experience if you keep your eyes, ears, and even your nose open.

The Meldreth Local History Group Website has several pages on the Mel River and its history. 

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